The Department of Transportation requires drivers to get regular physicals to ensure they are operating their vehicle safely. If any of the following apply to you, you must get a DOT physical and carry a DOT medical certificate when you drive a commercial vehicle:
• You are paid to operate a motor vehicle that holds nine to 15 passengers; you drive the vehicle more than 75 miles from where you report to work; you operate this vehicle for interstate commerce purposes
• You operate a motor vehicle with a gross combination weight rating, gross vehicle weight, gross vehicle weight rating, or gross combination weight of at least 10,001 pounds; you operate this vehicle for interstate commerce purposes
• You transport hazardous materials in certain quantities
DOT Restrictions
There are some restrictions for commercial drivers who have certain health problems. For example, if you inject insulin for diabetes you cannot get a commercial driver’s license. You must have at least 20/40 correctable vision in both eyes. The DOT does allow you to wear contact lenses or glasses to improve your vision. You cannot use narcotics, amphetamines, or other habit-forming drugs if you want to obtain or renew your commercial driver’s license.
DOT Physical Exam Procedure
If you want to comply with federal law, a qualified medical examiner like Dr. Dean M. Zusmer must complete your DOT physical form. Dr. Dean M. Zusmer will review your health history and ask you to list the medications you take on a regular basis. During your DOT physical, the examiner will also do the following:
• Check your pulse and blood pressure
• Perform a vision test
• Observe your general appearance
• Examine your eyes, throat, mouth, and ears
• Listen to your heart and lungs
• Check for spine deformities
• Perform a neurological exam
• Press on your abdomen to check for abnormalities
• Perform a hernia check
DOT Physical Forms
Once Dr. Dean M. Zusmer completes all the DOT physical requirements, you will discuss any hazards created by your health history or current medical condition. Dr. Zusmer will document these hazards on your DOT physical form and determine whether you meet the standards for receiving a medical certificate. If you meet the standards and do not require periodic medical monitoring, your certificate will be valid for two years.
DOT Physicals at Your Convenience
Miami Accident Center offers DOT physicals in a comfortable setting. If you need a physical to renew your medical certificate, call Miami Accident Center today to schedule an appointment.
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