Miami DOT Physical Tips Series – Stress & Health

Stress. It can impact your overall health in many ways. As the Miami DOT physical checks for overall health – and passing it is required for commercial drivers – preventing and managing stress is vital. These DOT physicals tips should help.

Miami DOT Physical Tips for Managing Stress

  • Take Time to Relax
  • Eat Well and Limit Caffeine and Other Stimulants
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Make the Decision to Be Less Stressed

Miami DOT Physical Tips for Managing Stress 1: Take Time to Relax

Everybody needs down time. So much of your time as a commercial driver is spent in high-concentration and even high-tension situations. In these intense times, your stress level rises and the negative impact of stress likely affects many areas of your body and health. These Miami DOT physical tips we are providing are intended to help you pass the DOT physical. Dealing with stress is one area that must be managed properly for overall health.

Therefore, it’s important to find time for yourself to decompress and relax. This is basically a “recovery period” that is essential to your well-being. Ideas for this relaxation / recovery time include yoga, meditation, or even sports and other forms of exercise.

Sports and exercise – even though not necessarily low-intensity – still provide relief from stress and produce “feel good” endorphins. Even things as simple as listening to music or getting a massage can help reduce stress.

Miami DOT Physical Tips for Managing Stress 2: Eat Well and Limit Caffeine and Other Stimulants

Stress can also take a toll on nutrition, negatively impacting health. Therefore, to reduce the bad effects of stress on the body, eating well is crucial. Likewise, reducing caffeine and other stimulants such as tobacco, helps the heart stay regulated and is better for overall health.

Additionally, keeping the pulse at a steady rate helps prevent nervous disorders or situations that can be more common in times of high stress, such as anxiety or panic attacks.

Miami DOT Physical Tips for Managing Stress 3: Get Enough Sleep

Similarly, getting enough sleep is critical to both mental well-being and health. Our body recovers from the day when we sleep. Therefore, shortchanging sleep means we never truly “reset” from the stress of the day.

Additionally, getting enough sleep is also vital for driving safety. It has been proven that driving while tired or drowsy is as dangerous as driving while impaired.

It’s also important to note that you can’t really “make up” or “store” sleep in a short time. “Getting enough sleep” is more of a cumulative effect that is created by consistently sleeping around eight hours a night over an extended time.

Miami DOT Physical Tips for Managing Stress 4: Make the Decision to Be Less Stressed

While this sounds ironic or simplistic, it’s quite effective as one of the easiest ways to control stress quickly. Interestingly, it’s been demonstrated that the very fact of making the decision to be less stressed is effective at reducing stress—even if you don’t do anything else toward this goal.

Surprisingly, it works even if you don’t believe it will work. Some theorists hypothesize this is because it acknowledges your stress instead of suppressing it. And as with anything, the first step toward solving a problem is admitting the problem exists.

Hopefully, these Miami DOT physical tips for reducing stress can help you regulate your own stress level. Thereby, improving your overall health and helping to ensure you continue to consistently pass your DOT physical exam in Miami.

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