If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain after a car accident, you may have sustained a spinal injury or whiplash injury. Without proper care, these injuries can have a serious impact on your health, leading to months or even years of chronic pain. We have substantial experience treating auto accident injury patients and understand the best ways to manage back pain and whiplash pain without the need for medication or surgery.
Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injury Treats Whiplash Pain
Neck pain and back pain occurs when the force of an auto accident knocks or whips the musculoskeletal system out of proper alignment. For example, a whiplash injury may occur when the force of a rear-impact accident abruptly “whips” the cervical spine backwards and forwards. Not only does this abrupt movement knock the spine out of alignment, but it also strains the neck muscles and ligaments, causing further stiffness, soreness and pain. Traditional medical care after an auto accident injury relies on medication to “cover up” a patient’s pain symptoms. While prescription painkillers are effective for providing immediate pain relief, they are not a long-term pain management solution. Additionally, medication alone cannot help patients regain mobility in their bodies after a spine injury. Chiropractic care for auto accident injuries can help.
Chiropractic adjustments treat the underlying spinal injury or whiplash injury. Adjustments relieve pressure on the nerves and muscles, while also bringing alignment back to the spine. Complementary therapies, including corrective exercises, will help bring a full range of motion back to the body.
There is never a good time to get injured in an automobile accident. If you have an accident, please do not wait to call us, even if you are at fault. Remember, there is often a lag in the onset of symptoms following an automobile accident. You can loose considerable insurance coverage if you wait more than 14 days to begin treatment. Very often, it can be overwhelming following an auto accident. You have questions, first and foremost, about your health but also about the damage to your vehicle. Dr. Dean Zusmer has been navigating through this maze of issues that you may be faced with for over 15 years. Call with any questions, and we will help you anyway we can. For any legal questions that you may have, we can refer you to a qualified Florida licensed attorney. We accept all Florida automobile insurance carriers and most private insurance PPO’s.
Our doctors and staff will work diligently in an effort to restore your health and ease your mind during this stressful time.

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