The Miami CDL medical card exam: What is the purpose of a CDL physical? What are CDL physical requirements? What Does the CDL physical Consist of to Get a CDL Medical Card?

Your workplace is the road.  This means safety in the workplace is not only important, it’s vital. Likewise, it makes the integrity and importance of the CDL physical exam crucial too.

To get a CDL medical card in Miami, CDL physicals became required for all drivers.  This is one way to help make the roads safer for you and your family. Dr. Dean Zusmer, DC is a certified medical examiner who can help you get your CDL medical card and back on the road!

What does the CDL physical consist of to get a CDL medical card in Miami?

The CDL physical requirements are not anything unusual.  The tests performed as a part of the CDL physical to get your CDL medical card are similar to a standard physical. Such as any physical performed by any doctor as part of an annual exam.

Your CDL physical exam will consist of a complete physical examination. It includes a blood pressure check, a vision and hearing check, listening to your heart and lungs, and more.

Additionally, there will be a urine check. Consequently, you must provide your CDL DOT physical location / CDL physical provider with the names and dosage of all prescriptions you are currently taking. You will also need to provide the names of any physicians you are currently seeing for treatment.

The CDL Drug Test / CDL Drug Testing

Like other companies and businesses that use drug testing in the workplace to help ensure workplace safety, some companies require CDL drug testing for the same reason. Currently, the only CDL drug test is the urine drug test. On the other hand, hair follicle drug test is a drug screening test that is able to test over a longer period of time but is not yet accepted by the DOT.

Drug testing in the workplace can be controversial at times. It can create a tension between employer and employee. Yet, this is not the case with the CDL drug test or CDL drug screening test. Most likely, this is because it’s expected.

It’s also applied as a matter of standard within specific companies. As such, employees know it is part of a CDL license requirements for some employers. Likewise, they know they will have to pass it to get their CDL medical card in Miami.

Where Can You Get the CDL Medical Card and Physical – How Do You Find CDL physical Exam Locations?

There are many CDL physical locations and CDL medical card exam locations in Miami where you can get the CDL physical exam.

Most often, these are medical offices that offer standard physicals and offer drug testing service – such as pre-employment drug testing. Thus, they routinely perform the type of drug screening test required to pass the CDL physical. They must also be fully aware of CDL physical requirements.

To ensure all of this, the CDL physical provider must be certified by the DOT. A database of certified medical examiners is a core element of the National Registry.

Furthermore, medical Examiners at any and all Miami CDL physical exam locations have to take a training course and pass a certification exam to be listed on the National Registry.

The list of certified medical examiners including physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and chiropractors, is available on the National Registry website. At Miami Accident Center, Dr. Dean Zusmer is a certified CDL medical examiner and physical provider and we have many CDL physical exam locations to serve you quickly and conveniently.

CDL Medical Card & Physical Exam Office Locations

Dr. Dean Zusmer has many office locations throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties.  At his offices he provides chiropractic services along with CDL Physical Examinations. Although recommended, no appointment is necessary for your DOT physical. By calling ahead, we offer No-Wait Same-Day CDL physical exams, Same-Day CDL medical cards upon exam completion and provide free valet parking.

Contact Dr. Dean Zusmer today to set up your CDL Physical Exam Near Me at any of our locations!

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