Recent truck school graduate? Long-time driver? In need of a CDL DOT Med Card? We do physicals FAST so you can get your CDL DOT Med Card and get back to driving!

The CDL DOT Physical Exam is required for a Medical Card

The CDL DOT Physical Exam is for your own benefit as well as other motorists. While it might seem like an inconvenience, the CDL DOT Physical Exam is actually a great health screen for yourself and ensures public safety.

What to Expect

When you come in, you first fill out a brief health history questionnaire. It is then reviewed and further questions may be asked to see if you are at risk for anything. Your height and weight are recorded, blood pressure is taken, eyesight and hearing are checked, as well as a few other physical assessments. Lastly a urine sample is collected (this is not a drug test) for a quick “dipstick test” to make sure you’re fit to drive.

What to Bring
• Your Driver’s License
• A Full Bladder
• Health Records (medications, surgeries, etc.)


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