CDL DOT Physical Exam

CDL DOT Physical Exam

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Becoming a commercial driver is no easy feat. You have to be a top professional who understands the job well and can exceed in this physically and emotionally exhausting job. And it’s not just you but also the government that wants to ensure your safety and everyone around you while you are working. All aspiring commercial drivers have to take a DOT physical exam before they get their commercial driver’s license (CDL).

So how do you start? Simple, you undergo the CDL DOT physical exam in Coral Gables. At Dr. Dean, we are one of the very few centers in the region that have been designated and authorized to conduct the exam. We assess your physical and emotional well-being. Here’s what we check, to be specific.

Your Physical Ability

As an aspiring commercial driver, you need to have the following physical traits:

  • Adequate vision (with or without glasses)
  • No hearing disorders (with or without hearing aids)
  • A healthy heart with no heart conditions
  • Blood pressure under control to handle all tough situations with ease
  • Strong muscles that can handle the stressful daylong driving
  • No respiratory diseases

In addition to this, you must also not have had any recent injuries or illness. If there was ever one, you must have proper medical documents to prove that you are now physically fit and allowed to undergo the exam.



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Your Emotional Ability

For most of the time driving, it will be just you driving for days and nights. You have to prove that you can keep the emotional distress of such a draining job at bay. You could perhaps think of developing a couple of habits that you enjoy to spend your alone time better.

The above two assessments of abilities will help us determine if you can actually turn out to be a wonderful commercial driver who can keep themselves and everyone else around safe at all times. We record all of these on a DOT physical form which is the first thing you have to fill when you walk into our center.

Ensure that you fill this form with utmost caution since these details will help us adjudge your ability and if you can live up to them. Once you have cleared this test, we will issue you a DOT physical certificate which will bring you one step closer to getting your CDL.

Contact our CDL DOT physical exam center in Coral Gables to get started today.

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