CDL DOT Medical Card at Miami Accident Center

Recent truck school graduate? Long-time commercial truck driver? In need of a CDL DOT Medical Card? We do physicals FAST so you can get your CDL DOT Medical Card and get back to driving!
Commercial driving can be a lucrative career and gives you a chance to travel. If you are already or looking to join a career in commercial driving you will need to pass a physical exam to get your Commercial Driving License CDL and Department of Transportation DOT medical card. Physical exams are proof that the drivers are healthy enough to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle and handle the job responsibilities that come with. DOT is a drug free zone so applicants must confirm that they are not using narcotic, amphetamines or any habit-forming drugs. The urinary analysis (UA) tests for the abnormal presence of glucose, protein, and blood in the urine which could indicate an underlying problem.
The wonderful thing about the exam is that the typical DOT medical card lasts for two years for healthy, cleared drivers. Drivers must have no medical conditions whatsoever that would restrict or impact their ability to operate a commercial vehicle. Those drivers who are taking specific prescription medications and have other health conditions, may only qualify for a one year certification and issued a one year dot medical card. The driver would return the next year to repeat the DOT physical exam. There are special 3-month CDL DOT medical cards available but only on a temporary basis. Moderate high blood pressure independent of other physical elements, is not always grounds for disqualification from getting your CDL DOT medical card and a 3 month medical card certificate will provide you with time to seek medical treatment and get your blood pressure under control.
Certain problems with vision, mental disorders and heart disease may be grounds for disqualification.

Miami Accident Center has national registered certified medical examiners capable of making these determinations when preforming the exam stipulated by the DOT. Though many of our patients do pass the exams there are still those that do not. We offer those patients coaching, different treatment options and the opportunity to be re-examined at a later date. At Miami Accident Center we care about the driver applicants, offering no wait exams with appointment. Let Miami Accident Center get you back on the road today!

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