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Auto accident chiropractic services

What’s the first thing you might think of after you were injured in a car accident? You would want to visit a car accident doctor in Pompano Beach who can apply some ointment, give you a medicine, or conduct surgery if you are very badly injured. However, if you aren’t even thinking about visiting a chiropractor after you got injured, you may be making a big mistake. You could develop an internal chronic injury that will not heal properly for several months or even years.
Having said that, if it’s a serious injury that does require surgery, you must approach a hospital with emergency care. But if you do not need hospitalization but feel strong pain around your body, you must visit a chiropractor.
What makes chiropractic treatment accident offered by our specialist beneficial is that there is no need to induce any drugs or syringes in your body. Your own body is prompted by complex chiropractic procedures to release necessary healing hormones. These hormones work on the affected area and heal it quickly. This process is quicker than conventional healing methods.
What’s more! You can even continue your regular lifestyle with this procedure.

Visit Our Accident Clinic in Pompano Beach

While any physician can assess your injury, even they may refer you to a chiropractor for auto accident-related injuries not requiring surgery. We can work on your spine and ensure that the physical shock doesn’t affect you on the tissue level.
Ideally, you should not take more than 72 hours after the accident before visiting us. That will give us enough time to assess your condition and keep you from experiencing pain for a prolonged period. Moreover, the insurance company also gives that much buffer to seek treatment to seek a claim.

Why Visit a Chiropractor?

You will indeed need conventional medical treatment immediately after the accident. However, accidents often go deeper than what you can see as a cut or injury. A chiropractor is the right choice to heal the injuries caused at the musculoskeletal level due to the impact of the accident.
Chiropractic treatment does not involve the use of any medicine or surgical equipment. The process primarily involves the use of instrument-assisted adjustment techniques that stimulate the healing mechanism of your own body to self-heal the affected body part without needing any medication or surgery. While this sounds simple, the process itself requires a lot of experience and knowledge. We possess both these qualities and have hundreds of successful treatments to rest our case.
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